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Learn How to Clean Your Office in Just A Few Steps

Planning to clean your office, this is what you need to know. There are many options you can choose to better your office cleaning activities. By using a cleaning business software, companies that offer cleaning services are in a position to monitor all activities as they unfold, without the team leader or supervisor being on the scene. For businesses looking for a better way to manage their cleaning activities, using Genio Business Software is a big plus. This software is designed to simplify all the cleaning activities by speeding and monitoring how staff perform their tasks.

When using Genio business cleaning software, some features will make you love this system.

Your Business schedule right in front of you
As a supervisor you have the freedom to assign task from your desk or any other location. This innovative software gives you the freedom to communicate with your cleaning crew at any time. If assigning duties was a problem, a click is enough to have everyone cleaner in toes and busy. By doing this, as a supervisor you dodge the trouble of pinning task notices on the board and so on.

A map at your fingertips
Monitoring the location of your workers can be tricky especially if they are in different places of work. If you want to tell the whereabouts of your worker at any time, the Genio software will do it for you. If your business pays workers per the number of hours worked; this product will give you accurate information.

Activity log
With Genio the troubles of employers monitoring clock-in and clock-out behavior of employees is gone. The software can capture when the employee reported to work and at what time did he or she go home. Do your cleaners observe the code of conduct at work; this product will help in answering such questions. Further, through the system interface, clients are in a position to leave comments.

Customer management
Treating a customer to the point of satisfaction should always be a top priority. With this software customer management is easy to manage. This software has the ability that allow you to monitor and react to all customer request. Communication is key, this software present you multiple ways of passing information to your clients.

The App
The app is the epic of everything. It is through this app that you will have the freedom to communicate with your workers and clients seamlessly. Besides, this app has the geo ability to help you trace the location of new clients. It is the perfect app for cleaning businesses that need speed and accuracy in their work.

There are many ways you can benefit by using this product, for more information, click here. It is time to contact the Genio team and begin the journey of experiencing the joy of having this innovative software in your company.

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