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What Needs to be done for HIE to Succeed

The healthcare industry lags behind when it comes to the adoption of technology in the records departments. This does not marry with what is happening in other parts of the world. The busies world has adopted and greatly benefited from the use of technology, where information about stock and movement is available on demand. But when you go to a doctor’s office, you still have to use the old method of data collection. This is made worse when you have to visit the hospital again, where you will be asked to repeat the act. If you are in an emergency, this will not work well for you. This confusion an lead to situations where a patient does not receive the right treatment, making things worse.

There is a need for the fast adoption of technology. Luckily, there are efforts to make such problems go away. The government a put in place measures to encourage medical communities to come out with ways of making this computerization of medical data collection methods a reality. This is the basis of the idea of Health Information Exchange. This program shall enable doctors to share patient information in a way that preserves the confidentiality that has always been assured of the patient. HIE in healthcare has already proven useful in a number of scenarios. An example of how it works is when your doctor refers you to another one. They shall share your information with this specialist. This is what would make it easier for the specialist to attend to you and not put you in any danger of giving conflicting medications. It also saves a lot of time by reducing redundancies.

HIE software can also be adopted in clinical trials. There are many ailments that have clinical trials running their tests. If there was a way to merge all the collected data thus far, there would be a faster and broader base to base the findings and enable the researchers reach meaningful conclusion faster. It would also make the process of tracking an epidemic much easier. This can be contrasted with what happened around the time HIV was becoming a reality. Had there been HIE software operational back then, the process of containing it world have perhaps been successful.

HIE strives to ensure no breach of confidentiality ever occurs. Its design has considered the risk of data getting into the wrong hands, and has sealed such loopholes. A patient also reserves the right over the kind of information collected. They get to protect their personal information. You can see so much hope when consultants like Advances in Management use their resources to enable every player make HIE interoperability something that is real.

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